Rima's Evil Spirits are born from Rima's deep hatred for Ruki Shiro. Rima has 127 Spirits in total.

The Head and a apprentice Spirit

Personal Data ♥



Height-Unknown since they can extend very far


Master-Rima Kuruso


Rima's Spirits are very scary. They are released when Rima is in a dark mood. They usually intend to scare and choke people they have negative feelings for (Scare is for fun, choking is for strong hatred). Although Renge Takuma makes Rima angry or depressed, they never hurt Renge. The Head of the army of Spirits is the one wearing a crown. She is the Head since she holds the biggest burden of hatred. The Head stops the Spirits from hurting Renge, since she thinks Rima and Renge met before. They are very intelligent, always thinking of ways to kill Ruki Shiro. Sometimes when they see Renge, they lose control and wriggle around, going berserk.
Rima's Spirit's happy mode

Rima's Spirit's Happy mode


Rima's Spirits have white wavy bodies that are extendable, such as extend to about 8 yards long. They have extremely sharp claws and strong arms. Some Spirits wear ponytails or pigtails, but the only one with their hair down is the Head. The Head wears a crown and star earrings. When in killing mode, they look like fire balls zooming around.

Rima's Spirit's Doom mode

Do~~om mode


Ruki Shiro is their main prey. Ruki and many other people are aware of Rima's Spirits, such as Renge, Akihiko, Shiki's manager Mia Yuuki, Director Misaki Kena and many others. They love Rima, since she is the one who created them.