Rima Kuruso is one of the main protagonist of Dream Paradise. She is the famous actress/singer of KME studio, rival of RME studio.

Personal Data ♥

Age-17/18 (Year skip)


Birthday-December 25th,1995


Weight-84.5 Lbs


Mother-Kana Kuruso

Father-Junro Kuruso (Deceased)

Younger Brother-Ran Kuruso

Grandma-Arisa Kuruso

Grandpa-Kain Kuruso


Rima's personality is cheerful and nice. She also has her scary and stubborn side though. Rima has a lot of guts, making her a great actress. She was cold towards Renge Takuma since he was cold to her, but then they came to respect each other. Despite being childhood best friend with Ruki Shiro, she grows a huge hatred towards him after he treats her like dirt. Rima has little scary ghosts that controls her hatred. They're called

Rima's Evil Spirits. Rima has a noticeable crush on Renge, but does not know if it's just respect or something on that line.

The Head and a apprentice Spirit


Rima is a great beauty. She has large dark brown eyes with tints of red in them and dark brown hair that almost reaches her waist. Rima has long bangs kept to the right side of her face. Rima has many hairstyles, like a side bun with strands falling down, bangs up with two strands framing her face and so much more. Rima's nails are always well manicured and even.

Rima wears designer clothing, and hates wearing skirts or dresses. She likes wearing flats, medium pump heels and skate shoes. Rima is suited for a lot of Acting because she looks stunning in the outfits and her personality and guts are beyond a professional's.


Rima is from a family of wealthy Surgeons and Lawyers. She lives in a huge spacious house with glass flooring and a glass staircase. Rima always donated money to kids and elderly people every week, and stayed there to cook and entertain them. Despite being very wealthy, Rima works at a fancy restaurant and is very sweet and cheerful. The Boss Chef there taught her all the secret techniques of a professional chef, like how to make vegetables into huge sculptures.

Young Rima:

When Rima was a very young child, she learnt how to be a polite young girl. Arisa Kuruso taught her that she should smile even when she isn't feeling well while helping/serving someone and that Rima should always wait until the guest leaves before she leaves. Rima's standing and sitting posture is very beautiful and professional.

Kana Kuruso, Rima's mother, was never there for her. Her mother showed no love for Rima, since Kana was always busy with work. Rima grew up being cared by Arisa, Kain and Junro. Junro passed away in the hospital after a car accident on New Year's day. Rima was so sad that she lost her ability to talk. Arisa tried everything to cheer her up, but nothing worked. Two weeks later, Rima met a boy named Shin. They became friends and he brought her to the park and a cave full of glittering rocks. Rima was so happy that she got her ability to talk again. She came home with a happy heart, much to the joy of Arisa and Kain. The next day, Shin left a note and a sparkly green jade with tints of purple in it for Rima in the cave, saying that he has to go to America for a few years, but they will for sure meet again. Rima wasn't sad, she was waiting for the year to come to see Shin again.

Rima's childhood best friend and pass love was Ruki Shiro. Ruki would always have to cheer Rima up when she cried, but then he didn't know what to do anymore so he just stared at her. Rima and Ruki played volleyball together many times, but it was shown that Ruki is the worst at it. Rima always beated Ruki in volleyball. Their friendship ended around the age of 15 when Ruki suddenly disappeared and was seen on TV that he is now a singer. Rima was upset, so she went there to ask why he disappeared without informing her. Ruki told her that she was just some toy to stall time until he reached Stardom. Insulted, Rima slaps Ruki across the face and tells him that one day he will be crushed by her. That was the moment of her Evil Spirits' birth.


Rima was at the Donation centre to donate money and items for the poor. Just as soon as she walks out of the donation centre, there are cameras flashing at her and reporters holding mics. The president of KME studio and RME studio, Hideki Juro, approaches her in a sombrero. He asks her to join one of the studios, much to her surprise. She hesitates, then chooses KME studio. Rima was very happy, but she doesn't know why they want her. President Hideki tells her that her talents and kindness is posted on every newspaper that is out. He hands her one to see for herself, and Rima's eyes almost popped out of her head. There, on the main page of the newspaper was Rima cooking. President Hideki tells her that the people around the area said she has a lot of talent pheromones. Rima was now a member of KME studio!

Beginner of KME studio Arc:

When Rima arrived at KME studio, everyone stared at her with interest. As Rima wandered around the huge studio, she bumps into a man named Renge Takuma. Renge asks her if she is that newcomer President Hideki picked out, making her feel insulted. Right after asking her a question with a cheerful smile, he glares at her and tells her that if she is only here to fool around then she will be killed by him. Rima glares back at him, declaring that she won't fool around.

Rima continues walking around with what Renge said to her stuck in her head, making her gloomy. She is then introduced to a girl an age older then her. Her name was Ayama Emiko. At first glance, Ayama didn't like Rima. President Hideki announces to them that they are Official partners with each other, much to the joy of Rima and dismay of Ayama. As Rima continues to talk a lot to Ayama, Ayama then accepts Rima, but doesn't admit it.

Renge's manager Akihiko Loki offers a role for Rima in this movie they want to make called Angel Of The Dead. Rima gladly accepts, but when she reads the casting list and spots Ruki Shiro, Rima totally explodes. Rima's Evil Spirits are released, making Akihiko and Ayama scared. Rima really wants to get famous, so she decides to just put up with it.

The Depressing Reunion Arc:

Rima is stuck with Renge to get a bunch of props, making her gloomy again. Renge tells her that she has a main role in the scene so she shouldn't mess up. As they walk, a lady rushes past them while screaming at someone through the phone. The lady rushes past them again and yells out Mr.Shiro. Rima was struck in the heart by a flying sword. Ruki appears out of the Prop Room and stares at Rima and Renge. Ruki then starts yelling and pointing at Rima and then at Renge. Rima glares at him, pulling Renge away to the Prop Room. Renge asks what is their relationship, as Rima tells him he is a childhood best friend who threw her away after becoming a singer. Rima's Evil Spirits float in the air around her, chanting out Kill Ruki, making Renge feel awkward.

While Renge went to put away the props into the car, Rima runs back to the Prop Room since she forgot her cell phone. Her cell phone was no where to be found in the Prop Room though. As she turns to leave the room, Ruki opens the door and enters. The Spirits escape into the air and chokes Ruki, much to the delight of Rima. Ruki tosses them aside wearily and walks towards Rima. He asks her what she is doing in the Prop Room again. Rima tells him tht she is looking for her cell phone, making Ruki smirk. Ruki raises Rima's cell phone up, shooting relief into her. Rima tries to snatch it away, but he prances around mockingly. Irritated, Rima kicks him in the leg. She takes her phone and stomps out the Prop Room.

Rima's Spirits plan in her head, thinking of ways to crush Ruki in the movie.

Angel Of The Dead Arc:

The day to start the movie has finally arrive. Rima was the Angel, Renge was a Shinigami and Ruki was a Shinigami too. Rima went to get ready as an Angel. About 30 minutes later, she comes out in a white long dress with purple straps and white heels. Her accessories were a star necklace, star earrings and a pair of white feathered wings on her back. Her bangs were pinned up to show her bright face. Everyone was surprised at Rima's beauty, including Ruki himself.
Rima`s dress

Rima's angel costume

The story of Angel Of The Dead: There was a beautiful Angel. That Angel lived among clouds with the other Angels. Her life was filled with happiness and fun. The Angel was inlove with a Fallen Angel, who the other Angels reject. The Angel and the Fallen Angel had a perfect love relationship, until one day the Angel finds out that he was dead. No one knew how he died, and his body wasn't covered in traces of blood. The Angel was so sad, but also suspicious. How did he die, and who did this? Weeks have past since the Fallen Angel's Death. She still couldn't find an answer to his death though. That night, the Angel could hear someone whispering her name. The voice sounded like the Fallen Angel's voice. The Angel follows the voice and reaches a ghost-like person in a black and white outfit. His face was just like the Fallen Angel's face. She asks him if he is the Fallen Angel she loved, as he replies yes. The Angel asks him how he died, but he just raised his hand up to silence her. He tells her that the body they saw was just something he shedded out of. The Angel doesn't understand, but decides to not ask anymore question. The Fallen Angel tells her that he is a Shinigami (Death God) and that he has come to take her back with him. The Angel smiles, reaching out to him. He reaches out too and smiles softly at her. They were just about to grab ahold of each others hands when another person in a black and white outfit break the reunion. The stranger yells at the Angel for being so naive, and introduces himself and that he is also a Shinigami. The Fallen Angel disappears, whispering that he will not give up his plan. The stranger Shinigami tells the Angel to be careful each day from now on, or else the Fallen Angel will steal her life and make her a Shinigami. Everyday the Fallen Angel would come visit the Angel to offer her the chance of coming with him, but the Stranger Shinigami always saves her from any temptations. One day, the Fallen Angel visits and offers once again. When the Stranger Shinigami appears, he was too late...The Angel was taken away by the Fallen Angel. The Angel appears infront of the Stranger Shinigami as a Shinigami herself...To be continued...

Rima, Ruki and Renge start acting. Rima's acting was amazingly good, like how her emotions of when the Fallen Angel died made tears fall down her face. When they had breaks, Ruki would tease her by asking if she cried when he died (Ruki was the Fallen Angel Shinigami), making Rima and her Evil Spirits angry. Ruki and Renge seemed to glare at each other a lot. Akihiko and Ruki's Manager Mia Kena have the idea that Renge and Ruki are taking this acting too far. Director Izumi Chika tells Rima that she is very good at emotions and facial expression, making Rima smile happily. The Director tells them that the next movie part for Angel Of The Dead will begin somewhere after Valentine's Day.

Also, it seems Renge accepts her as a KME resident since seeing her perform with real emotions.

Singing Sensation Arc:

Rima has become quite famous from Angel Of The Dead. Renge reports that KME studio wants her to be a actress and singer. Rima is quite surprised, and accepts the request. At the Practice and Recording Stage, President Hideki welcomes her in. He tells her to think of a good song to sing that will make her hit the top. Rima smiles and says that she will do her best. Rima runs to her room and locks the door, thinking of a song. Day and night, day and night. Rima kept thinking, and soon she wrote down the lyrics...

It's been three weeks now. Rima goes to the Practice and Recoding Stage, ready to sing and dance. President Hideki comes dancing into the place, asking if she got the song. Rima happily says yes, then asks him if the sound affects are ready. The President nods and tells her the Lady got her outfit. Rima gets into a cute ruffle tiered shirt, jean shorts and pale pink lace heels. Her hair is put up into a bun on the side of her head with many strands of hair falling down. Rima gets onto the stage and takes a deep breathe, then tells the President to hit the button to play the music. The video cameras started recording.

Rima starts singing Cosmic Love and dancing. President Hideki stares at her in amazement, even dropping his glass of water. It falls to the ground and shatters. Rima's dance moves were smooth and beautiful, and matches the music and her singing. Her voice was filled with pride and cheerfulness, and she performed with a smile on her face. Renge and his Manager Akihiko comes in to find the President and is held captive by Rima. The colorful lights swung around like a Disco ball and mist was covering Rima's ankles. At the end of the song, a explosion of colorful sparks appear. The man holding the video camera quickly stops the recording. Rima sits on the stage steps and smiles. Renge smiles slightly and leaves the Stage room. Akihiko runs to Rima and says she was great. President Hideki tells her that this will be in Tokyo's News ♥

The next day, her performance was on KME and RME studio's TV!!

Valentine Singing Concert Arc:

Valentine's Day was just around the corner. As a Valentine's Day event, President Hideki decided to host a Valentine Singing Concert. He says that the concert would be sort of like a party for KME and RME studio. The event will be taking place at a reserved Botanical Garden. Rima is so excited, since she will be one of the singers to perform at the event. Renge smiles at her, telling her to do good at the performance. Rima smiles back, making Renge feel a bit awkward. Akihiko smirks slyly at Renge, asking him if he is inlove with Rima. Renge looks at Akihiko with hatred in his eyes, saying that Akihiko shouldn't be talking about these things right in front of Rima. Rima wasn't listening to anything they were saying though, much to Renge's relief. Renge could see the sparkle in Rima's eyes, causing him to chuckle, which made Akihiko smirk again.

Rima goes into the kitchen to make chocolates for everyone who helped her when she needed help. Her list to make chocolates for are Ayama, Akihiko, President Hideki and the staff. She wonders if she should make Ruki chocolates, since he helped her in the Angel Of The Dead movie. Just thinking of making him chocolates made Rima's blood boil with hatred. Rima thinks it over again, which this time made her get the shivers. She thinks some more, and smirks evilly. Rima decides to make Ruki the most bitterest chocolate he ever ate. As Rima makes the chocolates, she is also making Wine Jellies for someone.

Six hours before Valentine's Day! The Valentine's Singing Concert will begin at 8:00 PM at the Botanical Gardens. Rima wore a black designer tank top with purple straps on it and jeans shorts. She had white feathered earrings on and black/gold diamond studded heels. Her hair was tied in a ponytail on the side of her head.

Renge smiles at her and holds out his hand, offering her his service. Rima smiles back and places her hand onto Renge's. Renge kisses her hand lightly, making Akihiko very shock. Rima, Renge, Ayama and Akihiko gets into Renge's car and drives off to the Botanical Gardens.
Valentine Singing Concert

Valentine Singing Concert

Rima's Valentine Singing Concert outfit

Rima's Valentine Concert outfit

They arrive at the Botanical Gardens at 7:50 PM. President Hideki tells them that when it strikes 12:00, the real party begins, since it will be officially Valentine's Day. The Botanical Garden was very big, with a stage in the middle of the Garden. There was a long table right infront of the stage and benches. Rima was amazed at the sight.

Around 8:15 PM the RME studio residents arrived. Ruki glances at Rima and glares at Renge. The President announces that the party begins now while the real party is when it becomes officially Valentine's Day. Everyone chattered away as they ate and drank wine. Rima's performance was scheduled at 11:55 for some reason. Time passed, and it was already 11:30 PM. Ruki went up to perform his debut singles Invisible Wall. Rima watches him with slight disgust. After he finishes his song, he walks off. Before Rima and her instrumental band walk onto stage, Renge stops her and holds out a small white tiger plush that was holding a red rose in it's mouth. Rima was genuinely shocked, accepting it with happiness written on her face. Rima bends over and gives Renge a hug and Wine Jellies in a box. Renge accepts it and tells her to do well with her performance. Akihiko sniggers evilly at Renge. Ruki, who was watching Renge and Rima, clenches his teeth together to control his anger. Rima gets onto the stage and the band begins to play the music for Cosmic Love.

Rima put on the most lively and cheerful performance that night. Ruki glares at Rima evilly while she sings. His manager Mia tells him that Rima must be very happy to get such a sweet and simple gift from Renge. Ruki gets even more angry. Rima ends her performance, and right after she ends it, Ruki walks onto the stage and grabs Rima. He forcefully kisses her. While he kisses her, he plops a candy into her mouth through his mouth. Rima becomes disgusted, as she tries to push him away. Akihiko grabs his hair with despair and desperately begs them to stop kissing for so long before Renge totally snaps. Everyone gasps, whispering that even when acting a kiss is not this long. Renge glares at Ruki and is about to stop them when suddenly Rima shoves Ruki away. Rima's Spirits escape into the air, looking dead. Rima collapses onto the ground with an eerie dark aura around her. Her Spirits shriek out that Ruki will never be forgiven for his whole life. Ruki smirks at Renge, who was glaring at Ruki. Rima and her Spirits snap out of their depression and chokes Ruki like there's no tomorrow. Rima then smirks, taking out a piece of chocolate and shoving it into his mouth. Ruki's face twist into an unpleasant expression. He yells out that the chocolate is way too bitter, much to the pleasure of Rima.

Ayama brings Rima to the Waterfall area to calm down. Ayama says that Ruki must like her, much to Rima's rejection. Rima knows that Ruki is just toying with her like usual. Renge approaches them at the Waterfall with a dark aura surrounding him. Akihiko comes along too, with a worried look on his face. Rima breaks down in tears, saying that Ruki stole her first kiss. Renge laughs with mocking amusement in his tone. He tells Rima that it wasn't considered a kiss since she didn't kiss back. Akihiko knows Renge is avoiding the main point. Renge tells her that if she wants to be a professional actress, she needs to know that they do mouth contact in acting. Rima stops crying and smiles brightly, agreeing with Renge. He smiles at her then puts on a evil face, telling her to never let that happen again, making Akihiko scared. Ayama then understands that Renge must like Rima. Ayama smiles at Rima.

New Encounter Arc:

After the Valentine's Party and unexpected event, Rima thinks that Renge is not happy with her. She decides to make her specialty Mango pudding for him. Rima finishes the pudding and looks for Renge, finding him in the Prop Room. Rima and Renge are alone in the Prop Room, since Akihiko left them alone on purpose. Renge asks her what she needs. Rima hands him the Mango pudding that was in a glass case. Rima tells Renge that he looked bothered lately, so she made him Mango pudding. Renge smiles happily at Rima and tastes it. He tells her that it is good, making Rima shine with happiness. Renge knew that Rima couldn't forget Shiki's kiss, since Shiki is her sworn enemy. Also, Renge knew since Rima would have a dark expression on her face once awhile. Renge's smile fades away. He bends over towards Rima, his lips close to her's. Rima's eyes widen with shock as Renge's lip touches her lip gently. Renge pulls back and smiles, telling her that the pudding was delicious. He leaves with satisfaction while Rima sits there with a frozen expression.

Rima turns on the TV in her dressing room, half frozen at the same time. News came on that there is a New Band named Death Gazette with five members: Raiden Tadoa, Uruha Sado, Kou Goro, Dai Aoi and Yuji Tetsuya. Rima continues watching the news. The man interviews the Leader, Raiden Tadoa, on what Death Gazette's main goal. Raiden gives a sly smile, announcing that their main goal is to destroy Ruki Shiro, making Rima choke on her water with anger. The only person who can destroy Ruki is HER!

Rima marches off to the RME studio where Death Gazette was having their interview. When she arrives at RME studio, her Evil Spirits are dying to escape. Rima finds Death Gazette quickly and starts yelling at Raiden while they were in the middle of their interview. Raiden gives her a bored look, then notices that Rima is the Rima that everyone is talking about. Raiden asks her if she is the murderous woman he heard about, making Rima angry. Rima releases her Evil Spirits, and this time she released all 127 Spirits. The interview ended when Rima went crazy. Her Spirits broke two windows and a few chairs and also tried to choke Raiden. Uruha watches with contentment at Rima's rage. Ruki appears with fustration and snaps at Rima. Rima takes one glance at Ruki and yells in horror. Renge comes rushing into RME studio since he heard Rima was becoming angry to the point that she is damaging things. Renge calls out to Rima, making Rima freeze up again. Rima faints on the spot from stress, hearing faint words calling out to her.

Rima wakes up in her dressing room with President Hideki beside her. He smiles, telling her that he is glad she's fine. Rima remembers what had happened, making her sulk with teary puppy eyes. The President tells her that it's okay and to try to control herself more. Rima says yes cheerfully, making the President smile.

Secret Mission Arc:

A week later, President Hideki calls on Renge and Rima out of the blue. They come to the President's manor with a clueless expression on their face. The President tells them that they are going to be sent on a very top secret mission, making Rima gasp. The President calls in a Lady to prepare Rima. Renge got changed into black shiny pants, a long black coat and his hair was messy. When Rima came out, she was in a black and red tank top, jean shorts and black high heel boots. Her hair had red streaks in it and was puffed up. On her lips was a sliver pierce and around her neck was a purple choker.

Renge's mouth dropped in shock, asking the President what he is trying to do. The Presidet smiles like a butterfly, stating that on this mission, Renge and Rima will be a couple. This time, it was Rima's mouth that dropped in shock. Rima gulps and takes on the mission. Before Rima and Renge left, President Hideki gives them a gold key to a fancy hotel room, saying that they will be staying together in a hotel for the night and their undercover names with be Leanne and Setsuki.
Rima's Secret mission outfit

Secret Mission Outfit

As Rima and Renge walk to their hotel at night, they bump into a few weirdos who want Rima. Renge eventually beats them up, almost killing them until Rima screamed stop. They arrive at their hotel and checked in as Leanne and Setsuki. In their hotel room, there was one bed with a white leather bed frame and soft red blankets and pillows. Rima looks at it with a dark look, wondering why there is only one bed. Renge smirks and tells her that since they are a couple on this mission, they should be able to share a bed together. Rima remembers her responsibilities as an actress, agreeing with Renge. Renge goes into the shower first. It's been over thirty minutes and Renge hasn't come out yet, making Rima worried. Rima opens the washrrom door and smacks the shower curtains aside. Renge pauses his shower and looks at Rima. Rima stands there calmly, telling him that she thought he died from the shower steam. Renge smiles slyly and asks her if she came to join him. Rima smiles, stating that she wouldn't mind but she has to prepare dinner. She then slips out of the bathroom calmly, rolling on the floor and freaking out. She wobbles to the kitchen to make dinner.
Rima and Renge's Secret Mission hotel

Hotel De Danielle-Renge and Rima's hotel room

After Renge and Rima had finished taking turns in the shower, they eat dinner. They were getting tired, so Rima and Renge decides to sleep. Rima climbs onto the left side of the bed letting Renge have the right side. Rima falls asleep unpredictably fast. Renge smiles and falls asleep too.

The next morning, Rima and Renge gets ready to leave the hotel. They leave and walks to a Garden. At the Garden, Akihiko and the President were waiting for them. The President asks them if their relationship has deepened to the point that it will burst with love, making Renge angry. Rima finally gets the whole aim of this secret mission...To get Rima and Renge become a official couple! The thought made Rima's head spin, giving her a headache. Akihiko announces to Rima and Renge that Ruki was informed with their Secret Mission. The President smiles brightly, asking if anything happened between them. Renge says no, but then adds that Rima saw him in the shower. Akihiko turns red, thinking that Renge might have did something immoral to Rima.

The scene ends with Shiki running high speed to KME studio with a drop dead evil expression.

The Battle For Love Arc:

Renge leaves for his dressing room to rest from the adventure. Rima changes into her normal clothes but still had the red streaks in her hair. She walks out of KME studio and sits on the giant fountain's rim. Suddenly, she hears a rampage heading her way. Rima glances at the direction and sees Ruki followed by a giant dusty cloud. Ruki had the killing intent in his eyes as he ran at full speed towards her. Rima gasps in horror alongside her Spirits. Ruki steps on his running brakes when he reaches Rima and glares at Rima darkly. Ruki yells at Rima while holding out a picture of Rima on Renge's lap as he wraps his arm around her waist in their Secret Mission identities. Rima looks at the photo and asks him where he got it, making him laugh mockingly. He gives her a evil sly look, saying that the pictures were scattered everywhere at RME studio. Rima's mood becomes darken, thinking that the only person who would post the pictures up was President Hideki. Ruki asks her if it was true that she and Renge stayed in a hotel together for a night, but before Rima could reply, Raiden and Uruha of Death Gazette appears.

Rima narrows her eyes at Raiden with disgust. Uruha asks Raiden if he caught sight of a Spirit Lady, making Rima fall down like a stone was hammering her into the ground. Ruki takes a glance at Raiden and sighs, wondering if that emo dude is actually going to try to beat him. Raiden smirks at Rima, making Rima freeze with shivers going through her veins. Raiden asks Ruki if he actually kissed Rima, making Ruki glance a different direction. Rima turns gloomy, wondering why he has to mention the kiss. She remembers Ruki and Renge's kiss, making her sulk sadly with misery surrounding her aura. Raiden asks Rima if he can steal her second kiss, since Ruki already stole her first. Rima blushes slightly, saying that her second kiss was stolen too, making Ruki perk up with a shocked face. Raiden snorts once with a evil smile, saying that Renge Takuma must of kissed her. Ruki glares at Rima, and grabs her by her sweater. Shiki demands a clear explanation, making Rima annoyed. Rima says bye quickly and leaves for the Hot Spring, leaving Ruki dumbfounded and Raiden clueless.
KME and RME hot spring

KME and RME Hot Springs

Rima gets into the private Hot Spring and shuts the door, scared. Rima gets into the Hot Spring, tired and depressed. She hears knocking on the Hot Spring door and then hears Ruki's voice asking if she was in there. Rima yells at him, asking him if he is a pervert now. Ruki talks to Rima, asking if Renge actually kissed her. She sulks deeper into the water, hesitating to tell him or not. Rima then says yes, making Shiki's mood dark. Ruki leaves without saying goodbye, relieving Rima a bit. Rima just couldn't stand the tense conversation filled with enemy hatred (The hatred is mainly from her). Rima gets out of the Hot Spring and gets into a black shirt and jean shorts. She puts on her gray boots that were almost knee high, grabs her handbag and leaves the Hot Spring. Right when she walks out the room, someone grabs her by her waist!
Rima's Outfit after Hot Spring

Rima's outfit after Hot Spring

Rima sighs, knowing it is Raiden. Raiden caresses her wet hair, stating that a girl with wet hair after a Hot Spring bath is very erotic, making Rima petrified. Raiden smirks with pleasure at Rima's frozen expression, then tilts up her head to face him. He smiles evilly, then tries to kiss her. Rima couldn't move for some reason, much to her despair. Raiden makes a smooth motion of his hand to block something-Ruki's punch! Raiden asks why Ruki has to ruin everything, making Ruki glare at him even more. Ruki grabs Rima away and scolds at her for being stupid and letting the emo dude take advantage of her. Rima gasps with anger written on her face, yelling at Ruki for being someone she despises. Ruki and Rima continue arguing, making Raiden bored so he leaves. Ruki notices that Raiden is gone and leaves to catch him. Ruki finds him and tells him not to steal what is his, then kicks Raiden in the stomach. Ruki leaves to return to Rima and tell her everything is taken care of, only to find her unconscious on the floor.

Rima wakes up and sees Ruki's mouth on her mouth. She starts squirming around, trying to escape. Ruki looks at her and sighs with relief. Rima covers her mouth with anger boiling up in her and glares at Ruki darkly. Ruki told her that he saved her with CPR, so she shouldn't be rude to her savior. Rima looks disgusted, saying that she never asked him for help. Ruki puts on a solemn face as he looks at her. Rima then adds what would he get from saving her from Raiden, making Ruki let out a short laugh. Ruki tells her that he never thought of it benefiting him, but only her safety to him was important. Rima is shocked, asking him why he would care of such a thing. Ruki only made out the words I love until Renge came walking up to Rima. Rima suddenly gets the feeling Renge was listening to their conversation.

Renge looks at Ruki with unfriendly eyes and smiles brightly at Rima. Ruki sighs and then smirks, telling Rima that she will be the only one he will admit defeat to. Rima looks at him with a confused face, but Renge knew what Ruki meant. What Ruki just said was like a declaration of love for Rima, but Rima was too estranged to Shiki to understand anything about him anymore. Ruki leaves, then Renge pulls Rima to his car so they could go back to KME studio. Renge questions her what was going on about Ruki calling himelf her savior, making Rima so scared since Renge would seem cheerful but is actually angry. Rima tells him that Raiden from Death Gazette was stalking her in some way and that Ruki had saved her. Rima lowers her head in shame, sad that her nemesis had to protect her. Renge had a dark aura around him, asking if that is all, making Rima grow more tensed and depressed. Rima tells him Ruki gave her CPR, making Renge glare at her. He tells her that he is not happy with her. Rima bows her head countlessly and apologizes nonstop. Renge sighs and tells her it's fine as long as she knows her mistake.

Discotheque Vs. Shiver Arc:

Rima was walking to the Botanical Garden, but to make her day depressing, Ruki is also at the Botanical Garden being interviewed on TV. Rima glares at him and passes Ruki quickly. She hurries to Renge and leaves to find the Grand Waterfall. Renge finds the Waterfall and beckons Rima to come take a look. Rima pokes her hand into the Waterfall, and instead of finding solid rock it was just air. She walks through the Waterfall and comes inside a Crystal cave: The one she went into with Shin. Memories pour into her as she smiles with happiness. Renge calls her and steps through the Waterfall. Tears were falling down her happy face. She tells Renge that this cave held many memories of Shin, making Renge jolt with shock. Renge couldn't just tell her he was Shin, so he keeps it hidden for now.

Rima and Renge walk out of the Waterfall and are completely soaked. Akihiko glances at them and runs back to the RV to get them towels. Akihiko comes back and tells Rima to get changed and hands her the towel. Rima goes back to the RV and gets changed into jean shorts and plain black shirt. She puts on a light purple sweatshirt, purple wedges and leaves. Right when she exits the RV, Ruki grabs her by her hoodie and drags her to the interviewers. He claims that there will be a Singing Contest between him and Rima, making her angry. His rule is that it has to be a new debut song. Rima glares at him, but all he does is smirk evilly while telling her it would be sad if she lost to HIM. Rima was flaring with hatred. BRING IT ON!

Right after she got back with the rest to KME studio, Rima locked herself in her dressing room. Renge came in and offered her some coffee candy that was packed with energy. Rima eats it and is burning with enthusiasm again, making Renge smile. She continues working on the song to make it perfect. The next day, a band group comes in. Rima gives them a music sheet and thanks them, making them flattered. It was getting closer to the Contest of doom.

On the Concert date, Rima wore jean shorts, a black sequin top with a purple belt around her stomach and black ribbon wedges. She had a red petal necklace around her neck and red petal earrings. Her confidence was strong with hatred. Renge knew she would put everything in her performance if it was to crush Ruki. Mia announced the huge Contest and lets Ruki take the stage. His new song debut was Shiver! He sung gracefully and filled his song with emotion, making Rima VERY shocked. He really improved! The audience cheered happily at Ruki.

Rima went on stage after Ruki's performance with a evil grin on her face. The band starts playing the music for her song, and she starts singing and moving. Her new debut song was called Discotheque. The audience cheered at Rima with delight. Renge and Akihiko watched Rima perform while sitting in the first row. Rima sang and danced with a very blissful face. She finished her performance and bowed, making the audience go in a frenzy as they threw flowers at her. It was voting time...

Everyone picked up their voting remotes and voted wisely. Rima glances at Ruki with a evil smile and hateful aura, telling him she is looking forward to the votes. The votes are in so Mia is going to announce the winner...It was a tie! Rima and Ruki both got 237 votes. Rima and Ruki glare at each other with a tense aura. Her Spirits wriggles out and chokes Ruki drastically. The Singing Contest ends with Renge and Akihiko dragging Rima away and Mia giving Ruki water to drink.

Winter Fantasy Arc:

Rima's birthday was in two days, so KME wants to surprise her on her birthday. They decide to plan a Royal Christmas Party and make Renge the host! Delicious sweets will be there and a large Waterfall too. The main sweets at the Party will be Green Tea Ice Cream Cake, Mango Pudding, Mousse Parfait and a very large Cream Puff Chocolate Cake. The snacks will be the fruits that you can dip into the Chocolate Fondue Fountain and Mochi Ice Cream. A lot of appetizers will be served, and the decorations would be beautiful and delicate. Everyone wanted to organize the Party without her knowing.
The Royal Christmas Party Sweets

The Royal Christmas Party Sweets

Royal Chirstmas Party-Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Royal Christmas Party Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Organizing the party seems more riskier than they expected. Rima was running practically everywhere. President Hideki decides to take the most dangerous step to finish organizing the Party: Get Renge, Ruki and Raiden to stall Rima!

Rima gets dragged around by the three of them. Well, Rima's okay with Renge, but Ruki and Raiden = No. Raiden decides to capture one of her Spirits to manipulate her but then decides not to. Renge brings her to the President's castle-like mansion. Surprise! The party was done and all ther was left to it was to wait for the birthday person to arrive. RME studio's residents were there too. Rima couldn't help but laugh happily. Renge gives Rima a bouquet of Red Wild Roses with a beautiful star crystal necklace. Rima accepts it with gratitude, making Renge smile.
The two gifts from Renge to Rima

Renge's gift to Rima.

The Royal Christmas Party was so awesome. KME and RME had fun talking to each other. Raiden gives her a small wrapped box. Rima opens it and sees one of her Spirits in there half dead. Rima starts panicking, so the Head of the Spirits came out and dragged the almost dead Spirit back into Rima. Ruki shoves a present box into her hands, but she shoves it back, saying that she will not accept anything from Ruki. They continue quarrelling about it until Rima finally accepts it. Ruki got her a small dancing swan. Rima looks at it and puts on a solemn face. She remembered it from their childhood. The Party ended around 1:00 AM. Everyone had so much fun.

Escape To Hollywood, Los Angeles Arc:

It was January 7th, 2012. The amazing entrance like always by the President: He came in surfing with a large wave of water following him. President Hideki was in Vacation Mode. He announced that KME and RME will be going to Los Angeles as a break! Rima was so excited that she hugged the President. Ayama was already at Los Angeles, which broke Rima's heart since Ayama didn't wait for her. The President dismisses all KME and RME residents so they could go and pack for the trip. The plane will be departing at 6:30 PM tonight, and right now is 2:45 PM. Rima had enough time to pack everything she needs!

KME and RME arrived at the airport an hour early to check in. Rima was going to sit with Renge so they could chat some more about acting. Director Izumi called Rima to tell her they will be filming Angel Of The Dead in Los Angeles. They arrived at L.A's Airport and left to their Five Star Hotel to drop off their bags. For dinner was sea food at a restaurant near the beach. It was already 9:25 PM, so the President told everyone to get into swim wears and have fun while he starts up a barbeque. The Ocean was nice and warm with the tides coming up and down. Rima was very embarrased to step out in a swimming suit, but Ayama forced her to come out.

The moon and stars came out as Rima and Renge played in the ocean, splashing each other. Rima was looking for shells in the water when suddenly Renge tilts her head up and looks at her solemnly. He was about to kiss her, but turns around and tells her that there are shells near the cove. Rima's heart was beating fast, and she was nervous. Even though she vowed to never fall in love again, what was this overwhelming feeling she had... What would happen if she actually fell in love with Renge?

Rima went into her hotel room to change into a purple and black tank top, jean shorts and sandal wedges. She was depressed to think that she might be in love. Rima was gloomy, but then remembers that she only respects and somewhat worships Renge, so she can't be in love. The thought of that made Rima relieved and happy. She knew that Renge could never fall in love with her. Rima smiles and falls asleep in her room. The bad thing was: She forgot to lock her room!!!!!!

When Rima woke up at morning, someone was definitely in her room. Rima grabbed her Kill Ruki hammer and went into the kitchen where all the noise was. She whacked the stranger on the head and gasped. It was Ruki! Rima yelled through hatred and anger, asking him why he was in her room. Ruki yells back, telling her he came to tell her what Director Izumi wanted him to tell her but she was asleep and her door was not locked. Rima sneezes and collapses from dizziness. Ruki pulls her to the bed and tells her to rest while he calls the doctor. The doctor came in quickly and checked her temperature. Rima has a very high fever and will need to rest. If she doesn't have enough rest, she will have a major blackout which wouldn't lead to anything good. The doctor and Ruki leave to let Rima rest.

It was Tuesday, the filming date for Angel Of The Dead Two. Because of Rima's fever, Izumi is debating on filming it. Rima tells Izumi to film it since she'll be fine, but Ruki yells at her. Renge is suspicious of Ruki's caring intentions towards Rima. Rima got into her outfit and black feather wings. The black ribbon wedges suite her well.
Angel Of The Dead-Rima's Costume Fallen Angel Mode

Rima's Fallen Angel Mode Outfit

Again, everyone was amazed at her beauty. The story continued from the last filming of Angel Of The Dead.

The story of Angel Of The Dead Two: The Angel was now a Fallen Angel Shinigami, and the Stranger Shinigami couldn't do anything to save her. The Angel apologizes to the Stranger Shinigami for being easily swayed. The Fallen Angel appears and pulls her towards him, then disappears. The Stranger Shinigami disappears too and goes to Death Haven. Death Haven is where all the Shinigamis live. The Stranger Shinigami asks one of the residents if he saw a Fallen Angel with a female Fallen Angel pass by. The resident points to the Shinigami court, so the Stranger Shinigami quickly flies there. In one of the Grand rooms, the Fallen Angel pins the Angel down onto the bed and tells her she will have to start eating souls to stay alive and have eternal youth. The Angel refuses to, but that only made the Fallen Angel rougher. He stroked the Angel's neck, making the Angel nervous. The Fallen Angel sighs and leaves...To be continued...

Rima didn't exactly like the stroking part, but can't do anything about it. Between the filmings, Rima got dizzy. While filming her part with Ruki, she couldn't repel against her fever anymore. She fainted. Rima woke up in her hotel room. Ayama was bending over to make sure Rima was going to be okay. Rima was awfully sad that she didn't fulfill her duty as a actress. Renge enters the room and rushes over to see if she was okay. Rima was fine, but she was not happy.

It was the day to return back to Tokyo. Well, everyone thought they were going back to Tokyo...The President flew them to San Diego next! Renge argued calmly with the President so they could get back to Tokyo and catch up on work, but when Rima liked the idea of another trip, Renge quickly shut his mouth and smiled. Raiden and Uruha approaches Rima to say hi. Strangely, Rima has weakened her barrier between her and Raiden now. They got along and chatted about the trips to different places, making Akihiko in utter shock. Raiden warns Rima bout Ruki, stating he is on the loose which made Rima squint her eyes.